11-Dec-2009 - SecurStar Releases Full Disk Encryption for Windows 7

DCPP version 3.97 compatible with Windows 7

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- SecurStar, ( makers of the award winning DriveCrypt ( software delivers on their commitment to customers providing full compatibility with Windows 7 in their latest version of DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP), a data leakage prevention solution. "We are pleased to deliver ahead of schedule," said Michael McKinzie, SecurStar's Director of Business Development. "The need for data encryption is greater than ever with record numbers of incidents and breaches this past year. We only expect this trend to continue," he added. DCPP is a full or whole disk encryption solution securing the entire hard drive including the Operating System. "We know users have been anxious and are planning early upgrades to Windows 7, so we are glad to be a part of that transition," McKinzie noted.

"Windows 7 allows better mobility and users need to be diligent in protecting their personal and confidential information. DCPP should be a consideration," said Wilfried Hafner, SecurStar's CEO.

DCPP - Full Disk Encryption, Seamless Integration

  • High Performance: DCPP's superior encryption engine ensures fast encrypt and decrypt performance.
  • Intuitive & Transparent: DCPP offers a simplified interface and is transparent to office applications and the operating system.
  • Advanced Security: DCPP uses military grade encryption (AES 256-bit). Pre-boot authentication prevents unauthorized access while the advanced security engine protects against keyboard logging attacks.
  • Portable Media Support: DCPP allows users to encrypt mobile media such as USB & flash drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs etc.

Pricing & Availability

DCPP is available from SecurStar and SecurStar channel partners. Pricing starts at $125.00 USD. Additional information and free evaluations are available at:

About SecurStar GmbH

SecurStar is an industry leader in voice ( and data encryption solutions. Founded in 2001 SecurStar serves over 5 million users worldwide. Headquartered in Munich Germany, SecurStar's products were initially developed to meet the security needs of telecom providers and the military. DriveCrypt, SecurStar's flagship product continues to expand as an enterprise solution worldwide. Additional information is available at:

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SecurStar was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Munich Germany. Its encrypted digital security products are among the most used software and hardware in both the corporate and private markets. SecurStar ‘s workforce consist of specialist in the IT security arena trained in helping customers achieve the full potential of the software and its applications, for their total satisfaction and data security. The company is attentive to the needs of the corporate sector, continually updating its products and making the latest technology available to its clients.

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