07-Sep-2007 - SecurSurf becomes SurfSolo

To avoid name conflicts with other vendors, the SecurStar product SecurSurf has been renamed SurfSolo. The product features and service remain the same.

SurfSolo is an effective solution to encrypt online traffic and stay completely anonymous by changing your IP address. More information about SurfSolo can be found here

Note: In Germany, the company SecuLution GmbH ( sells a product named SecuSurf. This product is in NO WAY RELATED to our old product SecurSurf or with new product SurfSolo. Both companies are completely INDEPENDENT to each other and the name similarity is absolutely casual.


SecurStar was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Munich Germany. Its encrypted digital security products are among the most used software and hardware in both the corporate and private markets. SecurStar ‘s workforce consist of specialist in the IT security arena trained in helping customers achieve the full potential of the software and its applications, for their total satisfaction and data security. The company is attentive to the needs of the corporate sector, continually updating its products and making the latest technology available to its clients.

SecurStar Corp.
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SecurStar GmbH
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Managing Director
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