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DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP 6.2.1) released

Dear customer,

We are happy to inform that we released DCPP (DriveCrypt plus Pack version 6.2.1).

DCPP 6.2.1 now fully supports Windows 11 and feature upgrades without the need for decrypting your operating system first, and because of high demand from customers, it also now offers you the possibility to create a fake operating system  (and therefore allows you hide the one you really use the most in a hidden operating system) on modern UEFI based computers.

How to upgrade:

1) Download the latest software from our download area: https://www.securstar.com/en/downloads.html

2a) If you have valid upgrade rights, just install the new version over the old one, it will upgrade automatically.

2) If you don’t have valid upgrade rights, please login to your customer area
https://www.securstar.com/en/customer-area.html  and purchase upgrade rights

or buy a new license using this link https://www.securstar.com/en/shop.html

What is new on DCPP 6.2.1 ?

The new DCPP 6.2.1 version:

  • Fully supports Windows 11 including the system updates without the need of decrypting the system disk
  • Fully supports creating of hidden Operating system also on UEFI based hard disks
  • Is fully Windows 11 compatible
  • Properly handles the new Win 11 shutdown /restart and hibernation methods
  • Improved tabled PC compatibility
  • Improved UEFI Bios compatibility
  • Improved GPT Hard disk Compatibility
  • Improved solid state disk (SSD) compatibility
  • Improved decryption speed

Important notes for old DCPP users:

How to upgrade Windows 7/Windows 8 to Windows 10/11

Before you upgrade your old Windows 7/8 operating system make sure your system partition is decrypted, upgrading your Windows while the system partition it is in encrypted mode, will probably break windows.

Here the steps to properly upgrade your DCPP software

  • Decrypt your computer
  • Uninstall your old DCPP version (this will reset your license file) using the online or offline deinstallation method described in the user manual under the section “Removing DCPP – Migrating your license- / automatic or manual)
  • Upgrade your operating system to Windows 10
  • Download and Install DCPP v. 5.6x or higher
  • Register the DCPP 5.6x version
  • Encrypt your system


Does DCPP 5.x and before work with Windows 10/11 ?

DCPP older then version 5.3 is NOT at all compatible with Windows 10.

Version 5.3 runs on Windows 10 but has security issues (under Win 10) and should therefore NOT be used under Win 10. To securely use DCPP under Windows 10 we highly recommend using version 5.4 or higher.

Another reason why not to use older versions on DCPP with Windows 10/11 is, that when the computer is restarted, in many case the system is in reality just hibernated, this means that after system restart the user will not be asked to enter the password and the machine automatically decrypted.  Version 6.2.1 and above solve all these problems.



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