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Brand new: PhoneCrypt VoiCe - Mobile phone encryption over the voice channel

World Prime: PhoneCrypt VoiCe:  New Generation Voice Protection – No Internet Necessary

Munich, August 15, 2019 – With communication hacking and spying reaching the most sophisticated levels ever seen, the IT security specialist SecurStar has just released a new solution to meet the privacy needs of an increasingly mobile and vulnerable world. The solution called is PhoneCrypt Voice. All calls can now be encrypted easily by connecting to this small hardware solution to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. Internet connection is not needed. The solution works with all standard smart phones and guarantees protected speech communication for the user. PhoneCrypt Voice is also the only solution on the market that is capable of encrypting Skype calls.

PhoneCrypt Voice, is new innovation in encryption technology. It’s incredibly small but packs powerful protection and advanced SecurStar encryption. The credit-card-sized hardware provides secure voice communications using any smart phone. SecurStar created this technology to provide companies and individuals with the highest security while remaining an easy-to-use solution. PhoneCrypt Voice is the ideal solution anyone who requires privacy in their communication.

Mobile Encryption Made Easy

Here’s how it works: The PhoneCrypt Voice hardware is easily connected via Bluetooth to any mobile phone. The following communication is then entirely encrypted by the encryption device.

What is different from previous versions of PhoneCrypt is that users don’t need to have an internet (data) connection. PhoneCrypt Voice encrypts the actual phone call on a carrier network rather than using the data channel. The advantage is the guaranteed functionality all over the world.

To ensure secure communications, both parties must have the solution. PhoneCrypt Voice encrypts calls so that any uninvited audience is excluded and can only discover unrecognizable noise that cannot be interpreted or evaluated by third parties or computers.

Security for VoIP

PhoneCrypt Voice is also suitable for the encryption of VoIP systems.

In addition to strictly voice phone calls, the device can be connected to a laptop, tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth and used to encrypt VoIP calls. In this way, the solution encrypts otherwise unsecured Skype calls.

Use in any location

PhoneCrypt Voice uses the highest encryption standards and algorithms, such as the Diffie-Hellman and originally developed SecurStar methods. The advanced encryption even takes into account the biometric voiceprint of the call participants. This level of security makes hacking the solution impossible. Also, there are no backdoors. This means for an attacker or spy (such as intelligence agencies) it is impossible to steal the information exchanged by hacking into the call.

Because PhoneCrypt Voice is not a telecommunications device, it is independent of statutory provisions that prohibit communication encryption for many devices. It is considered an audio processing solution so the hardware can be used through the regular communication networks without hassle. The solution is vendor and device independent and applicable to any cell phone or VoIP system.

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