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DriveCrypt v.6.1.4 Released container/partition encryption

Dear Customer, we are happy to announce the release of DriveCrypt v.6.1.4

This new version drastically improves the security level:

We have implemented several new cryptographic algorithms with XTS block cipher mode and allow for cascading them, implemented a Supernova diffuser protecting against malleability attacks, improved the hashing with SHA512 and Whirlpool, increased the encryption speed by supporting hardware acceleration and on high request it also opens TrueCrypt containers.  

For a description of new features, please read below.

You can download DriveCrypt V.6.1.4 from our download area here

Promotion: We have lowered the purchase price from 59.95 Euros to only 49,95 Euros!

To purchase DriveCrypt 6.1.x, please follow this link

If you are currently using a version 6.1.x, just install the new version 6.1.4 on your computer (without uninstalling the old version). The key will automatically be recongized.

If you are currently using DriveCypt 5.x (or before) and have valid upgrade rights, please login to the customer area, uninstall your old DriveCrypt version and destroy the old license key.
Install DriveCrypt v.6.1.x and register it with the new available key.

We hope you enjoy the new version and next level of security it brings.


Main DriveCrypt v.6 updates:
  1. 1: Redesigned cipher engine with more modern optionally cascaded ciphers (Twofish, AES, and Serpent) with XTS mode encapsulation per cipher, with individual cipher keys. Also supports creation of legacy Blowfish based data for shared use with Drivecrypt 5 users

  2. 2: Sha256 Sha 512, and Whirlpool password hash format choices for new cipher formats, Sha256 for legacy Blowfish formats. Sha 1 hash algorithm retained only for legacy data compatibility and is no longer available for use in creating new data.

  3. 3: New fast single threaded pipelined and parallelised AES hardware encryption for new XTS format AES ciphers, for processors supporting hardware AES. Fast AES performance without multiple CPU core. Fully compatible with software AES data format for users without hardware support.

  4. 4: Optional individually keyed "Supernova" in house developed 4096 bit diffuser (one 512 byte data segment) giving enhanced protection against malleabilty... (the bending of something, in this case the amount of data affected by one single bit change) with three AES derived 128 bit IV's per block Supernova implementation written with harware AES and SSE2 instruction set, with fallback to X86/X64 instructions if no SSE2 or hardware AES available. (Generally on MUCH older hardware.) Fallback is individual for SSE2 and AES availability.

  5. 5: Menu option to open and use TrueCrypt container files.

  6. 6: Option to extend and shrink container files formatted with the NTFS file system. Old container file scheme retained for use with none NTFS formats.

  7. 7: New look color scheme based on darker theme, with optional classic, legacy color scheme support  option.

  8. 8: New right click option on mounted volumes to view list of applications open on volume, and first four open files per application

  9. 9: New lockout screen, with onscreen mouse or touch screen keyboard, password entry, (as well as keyboard) and possibility to change background by the user manually swapping out: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SecurStar\DriveCrypt6\Data\lockout.jpg"   (assumes default install folder)
    Note that the custom image file for the lockout screen background should be 1080x1920 none progressive colour JPEG image. Saving a .jpg file with the classic windows “Paint” program should provide a suitable custom image if required.

  10. 10: Legacy support for all legacy ciphers used in Drivecryt version 5 (Those which are now no longer available when creating NEW data)

  11. 11: Drivecrypt v5's "look and feel" of user interface retained for the new DriveCrypt 6 with minimal changes, so long term users should be completely familiar with this version

  12. 12: New messaging system to keep customer informed of any issues or recommendation to update and other occasional important news from SecurStar.
    Please note that on Windows 7 the Sha256 application signing support needs to be installed on your computer. On a fully updated machine this will have been done automatically. The product will not install without this update.

  13. In order to take advantages of new features of the modern operating system, Windows Vista and earlier obsolete versions are no longer supported by DriveCrypt v6



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