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Registration instructions for DriveCrypt, DriveCrypt Plus Pack and ShareCrypt

DRIVECRYPT Registration


There are two ways to register DriveCrypt and upgrade from the demo to a full version, "Register online " and "Local registration ".

Start with opening DriveCrypt and wait for the registration window.

Click on "Activate Your License Here " to get the registration window.  

Press "Register Online " (recommended)  to register your copy of DriveCrypt over the internet.  

Click on it, and enter your login name and password. Press "Register License Key Online " and you are almost done.


Note: You should have received your login and password by email after you purchased DriveCrypt.  

DriveCrypt will now connect to our server (please make sure you have a connection to the internet) and show all available orders in a drop down menu. Select the order and enter a name to identify the machine you want to register. Now click on "Submit" and the registration process is almost complete.  

DriveCrypt connects to the SecurStar server, download the registration key and register the software automatically for you. A restart of the application is required after the registration, but now you are good to go


Local registration  

If for some reason the online registration doesn't work for you, you can use the manual registration via a licence key file.  

To do so, go to our websites customer area (https://www.securstar.com/en/customer-area.html ) and login. After you are logged in, press on the link "Key Generator ". Now select the product you want to register via the radio button, pick a registration name of your choice and enter the machine profile shown in the software. Now you can click on generate. Download your license file to your PC.

Back to DriveCrypt where you now can use the "Local Registration" . Click on "Browse" and navigate to your key file you've just downloaded. The next step would be to click on the "Register" button, and you are done.

Congratulations, you have successfully registered DriveCrypt!  





Registration - Automatic (Online)

Pressing the "Register now" button will show you the following screen:

Press "Get License key online " to be presented with the following screen:

Please enter your SecurStar homepage login and password in the appropriate fields and press on "Submit " (You should have received your login and password by email when you purchased the software).

After pressing "Submit", the software will connect to our online server and present you with a summary of all the orders you made so if you have multiple orders you will be able to choose from what order you want to use the license.

Just enter your full name (or any other name you wish the software to be registered to), into the "name to register" field, and click on "SUBMIT "

The software will connect to the SecurStar server, download the registration key and register your software.

Congratulations, you have successfully registered DriveCrypt Plus Pack !




SHARECRYPT Registration

We have two different way to do this: Register Online or Manually

To register online

Open up ShareCrypt and click on YES, by the message
“Your Software Demo license has 30 days left. Would you like to update it now?”

To register your software online, click on the “Download” button

Type your Login and Password and click on “Sign in”.

Now you will see, how many license you currently have. Click on Yes, to register the machine

Done. Software is registered and done to be used


To Register Manually

1 - Access https://www.securstar.com/en/customer-area.html

2 - This is your Costumer Area. Type your login and your password then ENTER

3 - Click on “Key Generator” tab

 4 - Choose your product

5 - Choose a registration name

6 - Now open ShareCrypt

7 - Click on “Yes”, to register the Software

8 - In the first line of the next screen, you can see the Machine Profile ID. Copy it.

9 - Go back to the browser and enter the “Machine Profile” that you copied.

10 - Choose the order

11 - Click on “Generate” button

12 – Now click on the “Download” button

13 – Save the file ShareLicense.lic where you want on your PC

14 – Go back to the ShareCrypt software.

15 – Click on the “Browse” button

16 – Search the file ShareLicense saved in the step 13 and click on open.

17 – Done. Software is registered and done to be used.