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ShareCrypt Encryption

ShareCrypt stores files encrypted on local disk, network shared folders, and file syncing cloud services. It provides user based access rights to folders and thier content.

ShareCrypt Encryption

  • Encrypts data on the server or in the cloud and allows the simultaneous access and use of the data by multiple users.
  • Gives you full control over the encryption and prevents your data being read by hackers, internet service providers or any other unauthorized party.
  • Encrypts cloud services like Amazon-CloudDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, SkyDrive etc. and ensures that online providers will not access your data.
  • Fully scalable

99.00 €
    only 89.00 €

Supported operating systems:

  • 32 and 64 Bit Windows:
  • XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/ Win 11
  • Server(2003/2008/2012)
  • Novell Netware6 / Unix with Samba...)


How ShareCrypt works:
Storing files in cloud sync or backup services can leave data vulnerable to being accessed by unauthorized people. Data may be subject to rogue staff, court orders, or law enforcement requests. Common services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive do not provide data security from these issues; data may be encrypted in transit or at rest, but using cryptographic keys in possession of the service.

With ShareCrypt you have full control of your senstive data ensuring that only you can access your data and locking out any unauthorized party (including the hosting company).

ShareCrypt enables you to separate data and restrict access; Finance dept can prevent IT dept from accessing their files, HR can prevent Finance from accessing employee data, yet IT can ensure data is backed up and verified. Even with these precautions, specific users may be granted access to some or all areas.

ShareCrypt is easy to use, it provides a virtual disk drive, under which all areas to which the user has access are visible. Files are encrypted individually with AES 256 bit keys, which are hashed with the user's password using SHA 256. New user requests are encrypted with 2048 bit RSA public-private keys.
ShareCrypt is entirely peer-to-peer. A client user generates a new area (with its own AES 256bit encryption key) and invites or grants users access to the area. Where access to the area has been granted, the area key is shared with the new user and hashed with the new users password. Read, Write and Admin permissions can be set on a per user, per area basis. Every user granted access to an area can use the files in the normal manner for a shared folder.

The only thing an administrator has to do is to make an empty shared disk/folder available for read/write access over the network (could be local network or internet drive). System administrators may handle the encrypted files and manage data backup in the normal fashion, without access to file content. ShareCrypt does not require any software installation on the fileserver. This way, all CIFS/SMB server systems like MS Windows, Novell Netware 6 and UNIX with Samba are supported. ShareCrypt is fully scalable and allows the creation and management of an unlimited amount of encrypted disks/folders. (The size of encrypted disks is also unlimited).