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PhoneCrypt Professional Phone Encryption

PhoneCrypt is an innovative solution based upon military grade encryption (RSA 4096 bits and AES 256 bits), the same technology as used by FBI and CIA, which effectively protects  your landline, mobile and PBX phones from access of intruders.

PhoneCrypt Professional

  • Military strength telephone encryption
  • Encrypts voice / chat and data communication (pictures etc.)
  • Fully secures your mobile phone (iPhone /Android), Windows and PBX system

549.00 €  Now only: 499.00 €

Compatible mobile phones:

  • iPhone
  • Android Phones


PhoneCrypt Professional allows secure voice and chat communication as well as secure data/picture and video transmission. It also protects the entire phone from manipulation including Virus, Trojans and shadow software.

When a secure call is placed, PhoneCrypt does not uses the voice channel of the phone, instead the data/internet channel is used, therefore nobody can tell if a phone call has ever been placed, or with whom you where talking. PhoneCrypt calls are not traceable and with the use of a data-flat plan, phone calls are completely free of charge regardless of where in the world the other party is.

PhoneCrypt offers excellent voice quality and an intuitive, easy to use user interface without interfering in the normal functionality of your mobile phone. It is still possible to place normal (unsecure) phone calls.


PhoneCrypt Professional is scalable, here is the overview:

PhoneCrypt Produkte

1 - PhoneCrypt Mobile

PhoneCrypt Mobile is designed for individuals and business professionals. PhoneCrypt Mobile offers true mobile to mobile protection using  military-grade encryption  ensuring complete privacy.

2 - PhoneCypt PBX
PhoneCrypt PBX is a fully secure feature rich PBX designed for small to large enterprises. PhoneCrypt PBX is compatible with the PhoneCrypt suite of products for comprehensive security for all voice communciations.
3 - PhoneCrypt Gateway
PhoneCrypt Gateway is a versatile fully secure phone gateway designed for use with existing PBX systems. It provides secure calls between gateways or gateway to PhoneCrypt Mobile Phone users.
4 - PhoneCrypt Softphone
PhoneCrypt Softphone allows ultimate portability and includes the same features and protection found in the hardware offerings. It is designed for mobile professionals, and individuals.

About PhoneCrypt

1. Who needs PhoneCrypt?

Often, confidential information becomes public thereby causing serious problems for those people, companies and institutions affected.
PhoneCrypt was designed to ensure complete privacy to landline and mobile phones systems, unfortunately the traditional systems of  landline and mobile phones are unreliable.

By Industry:

  • Consulting & Engineering
  • Healthcare & Insurance
  •  Finance & Legal
  • Concerned Consumers & Individuals
  • Government & Law Enforcement
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Software & Hi-tech
2. How does it work:

PhoneCrypt provides military grade technology to secure phone conversations in real time. The advanced technology encrypts mobile to mobile, land-line to land-line, mobile to land-line (vice versa) phone conversations.

Before every call a new encryption key is generated automatically. And it acts as a single combination, an ultra strong protection that is modified every 4 seconds and prevents any interceptation attempt to your communication.

3. Features of PhoneCrypt
  • RSA 4096 bit & AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange
  • MD5 & SHA512 Hash for voice integrity
  • Protection Agents detects, alerts and defends against attacks
  • Excellent voice quality
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface for users - the user doesn't need knowledge of security or technology
  • Voice encryption -  immediate and automatic secure messages without any need of interaction from the user
  • The software uses internet connectivity through  3G, 4G, UMTS, HSPA, W-CDMA, EDGE, GPRS and WiFi to data transmission
  • Completely safe –  no secure data it is saved in the device at any time
  • No user intervention is required in security procedures
  • Modest processor requirements -  (less than150 MHz)
  • Works on iPhone and Android devices without modifying or inhibiting any other function
  • Encrypted communications on landline and mobile phones
  • Advanced detection of interception attempts
  • Superior voice quality (QOS)
4. Compatible Smartphones

PhoneCrypt supports the following platforms:

  • iPhone
  • Android phones

If you don’t have a compatible phone, please consider changing your phone because security should be the most important concern in communication matters.
If however you are not ready change your phone, you can always use our other security solution “PhoneCrypt VoiCe”.