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Phone Encryption

What is PhoneCrypt:

PhoneCrypt is an advanced voice encryption technology offering businesses, professionals and individuals a solution to traditional insecure phone systems. PhoneCrypt is simply to use and applies the strongest encryption available to preserve confidentiality and privacy. PhoneCrypt offers solutions for traditional phone systems, VOIP based systems and mobile phones.

  • Mobile Phone and Landline based solutions
  • Military grade encryption
  • Advanced call attack detection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Superior Voice Quality

SecurStar offers different PhoneCrypt solutions:

PhoneCrypt Starter:


Free voice encryption solution designed to securely connect Windows Desktop users between each other as well as with PhoneCrypt Professional users. [read more]

PhoneCrypt professional

Software based voice and data encryption solution for mobile phones (iPhones / Android) [read more]

PhoneCrypt Universal:


Hardware Based office Video-Phone that allows encrypting voice calls even when the other party does not use encryption (one end only encryption) [read more]

PhoneCrypt Voice:


Voice Channel based Mobile Phone Encryption (works all over the world and on any phone, without needing internet connectivity [read more]

PhoneCrypt Gateway


Connects PhoneCrypt products to your PBX (Asterisk, Avaya, Siemens, Cisco etc..)
[contact us for more informations]

PhoneCrypt Server


Allows you to control the PhoneCrypt network, users and devices. This can be installed at your premises.
[contact us for more informations]


PhoneCrypt Professional

PhoneCrypt Professional

✔ Military strength telephone encryption
✔ Encrypts voice/chat and data communication (pictures etc.)
✔ Fully secures your mobile phone (iPhone /Android), Windows and PBX system

only 499.00 €

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PhoneCrypt Universal

PhoneCrypt Universal

✔ Secures telephone calls even if ONLY ONE SIDE uses encryption (4096 Bit)
✔ Anonymous and untraceable telephone number
✔ Usable worldwide without roaming fees

only 349.95 €

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PhoneCrypt Voice

PhoneCrypt Voice

✔ Encrypts mobile phone calls using the voice channel (does not require a data or internet connection)
✔ Works worldwide and with any mobile phone

only 1,498.00 €

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PhoneCrypt Starter

PhoneCrypt Starter

✔ Encrypts voice calls, chat messages and data communication (pictures etc.)
✔ Receives PhoneCrypt- Pro/Universal calls free of charge


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