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Cloud Encryption

Are internet/cloud service providers secure ? Tests show that the security of cloud service providers who host your data, is mostly inadequate. A highly respected research institute - the "Frauenhofer Institute" of Germany made a study, and they determined that no service provider they tested fully complied with all the rules of secure data storage.

Often data was not encrypted at all or the system used for this was just too weak. In the very worst case, sensitive data even appeared on internet search engines. Also sharing of the data is problematic, because in certain situations account usernames were visible through web URLs !

Aside from such technical problems, there are also clear legal implications:
Foreign companies that host their data with US-provider/companies have to worry about losing control over their files/data due to the US "patriot act" law. This applies even if the hosting servers are located in Europe. This might even be at odds with strict European Union requirements to keep certain types of data completely secure and totally private at all times, especially data which can identify individuals.

The only effective countermeasure to these issues is to encrypt the data flowing to the cloud on the client's side and only then the data owner can be assured of total and exclusive control over the encryption of his information.

Cloud encryption with ShareCrypt

ShareCrypt solves exactly this problem: All data is encrypted before it is sent to the cloud. The control over the encryption and the sensitive information stays completely at the company's side and no hosting/client provider can access the content. This is called cloud encryption. Any encryption the cloud server provider might also perform is irrelevant to this. When they remove their server side encryption they will still only see the encrypted version of the data you originally sent to the cloud and they will not be able to decrypt the data further. It will still remain secure.

ShareCrypt is based on Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, that does not require a server component. A user provides one or more "Area" folders containing files encrypted with AES 256 bit Keys and shares the access rights to write/read or manage to individual users.

The shares files are available to the users according to the security policies, the amount or size of the encrypted hard disks is not limited.

Through its scalability, ShareCrypt can be used for home users up to very large Enterprise installations.




✔ Encrypts your information on the server or in the cloud, and allows the simultaneous use of encrypted data by different users
✔ Admins can backup data, but not read them
✔ Gives you full control over the encryption and prevents your data being intercepted /stolen by hackers or cloud providers
only 89.00 €

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