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About the CEO

Wilfried Hafner, founder and general manager of SecurStar GmbH, has successfully established the company as a leading international provider of hard drive encryption software and computer security. Since the company was founded in 2001, he has been responsible for design, development and project management for the broad product portfolio, including the launch of well-known products in the following areas: DriveCrypt (hard disc encryption software), SecurWall (desktop firewall) and SurfSolo (Internet privacy tunnel), PositionTracer (satellite tracking), etc. Hafner can rely on his extensive experience and expertise gained over many years in the industry and an international reputation acquired by completing projects with world famous organizations such as Scotland Yard.

Wilfried Hafner already began planning his career while completing his studies in electronics and telecommunication in Italy and Germany. To this end, he acquired experience as a technician and technical director in a variety of companies. Subsequently he traveled to Hong Kong, where from 1995 to 2000 he was the general manager of Capital Informations Ltd., a computer consulting company with a focus on Internet security and software development. In 2000, he founded CyProtect AG in Germany, assuming responsibilities as technical director for the company, which specialized in Internet security technologies. One year later, Hafner launched SecurStar GmbH, where he is still general manager.

In addition, his most recent activities include a variety of highly specialized projects in for various companies and organizations in the IT security and telecommunications sector, e.g. in Italy, Israel, Hong Kong, Chile, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, etc. Moreover, Hafner provides security consulting services and bug detection for Scotland Yard, AT&T (USA), MCI (USA), Entel (Chile) and EMTI Industries (Italy). Because of his extensive international experience and expertise, Wilfried Hafner is often asked to consult not only with companies and organizations, but also with the media regarding security issues.

Wilfried Hafner speaks five languages fluently (Italian, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, French) and his hobbies includes electronics, computer science, telecommunications, security systems and reverse engineering.